Please note that all 10a-3p spots on Saturdays and Sundays are booked until October 5, 2024

Leasing Agreement and Other Forms

Please fill out the forms as instructed during your consultation.

Rules and Regulations
Alcohol Agreement
Official leasing agreement form.
Fire Pit Agreement
For use of the fire pit on premise

1. A damage security deposit minimum of $100.00/$200/$300 is required in advance of any event. Not included in cost of event. Deductions from this deposit will be made for damages or clean-up after the event. Should the damage amount exceed the deposited amount, the client is fully responsible for all charges. Any balance of the damage escrow will be returned to the client within 30 days following the event.
Do you want The Harbor House to clean for your event(Required)
$400-500 event ($100 cleaning fee)
$1000-$1500 event (200 cleaning fee)
$2000 event ($300 cleaning fee)
2. Immediately following the event, the Lessee shall be required to leave the facility in an orderly condition, free of any food, beverages, equipment, etc. brought onto the property by the lessee, guests, vendors or associates. All trash is to be disposed of in the dumpster provided. Clean-up must be completed by one hour after the rental time period. (Ex. Event 10:00 am 3:00 pm, Set up is 10am-11am, and Clean-up is 2pm-3pm) Clean up includes: Sweeping, Wipe up any spills, tables, chairs and counters and garbage in totes.

3. Event rental is based on a 3- 6 hour time period and must not exceed midnight unless prior arrangements are made at an additional fee. 3 hour events have a 5 hour lease time. 6 hour events have a 8 hour lease time. 12 hour events have a 14 hour lease time. Time exceeded past the agreement will be rounded to the nearest
15 minutes and deducted by $25 increments from your security Deposit.

4. Full payment of all anticipated charges is required 14 days in advance of the event. We reserve the right to cancel any event for which full payment has not been received 14 days prior to the event.

5. Catering and beverage arrangements are entirely up to the Lessee. The Harbor House does not participate, distribute or supply alcohol beverages. A liquor license / agreement is required if alcohol is to be distributed. A controlled and responsible use of alcoholic beverages will be only permitted under the Lessee’s liability. Catering references are available upon request.

6. Lessee must not use decorations which will deface the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. No taping, nailing or tacking to the walls, ceilings, floors of any sort. No rice, bird seed or confetti is permitted (.as well as confetti from balloons).
Deductions from this deposit will be made for damages.
7. All prices are subject to change. Prices are guaranteed at the time of booking event.
8. Smoking is permitted only on the patio areas of the facility. Smoking inside the facility is strictly prohibited.
9. Maximum capacity is 97 persons inside.
10. If you are using a planner, they need to signature at lines 1, 2 & 3. If a planner needs additional time to set up prior to an event, this needs to be communicated between the guest who signed the contract and the Harbor House owners. If time allows, additional time can be purchased to accommodate. No changes to the signed contract at time of booking will be discussed with the planner. This MUST be signed off on by any planner by the time the final payment is due.

Event Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
used for confirmation
Set-Up/ Arrival Time
Clean-Up/ Closing Time
Event Start Time(Required)
Event End Time(Required)

MM slash DD slash YYYY
used for confirmation
Event Start Time(Required)

Alcohol at the event

I understand that The Harbor House does NOT distribute, participate or supply alcoholic beverages.(Required)
I will have alcohol present at my own personal event.(Required)
I understand that I the lessee of The Harbor House is responsible for any actions taken place if alcohol is present during the event.(Required)
I understand that I the lessee will not provide any alcohol to any persons under the legal drinking age of 21.(Required)
I the undersigned, for myself, certifies that I am the applicant above named; that understands the contents of the above application and the statements contained therein and the same are true of my own knowledge. I the undersigned certifies that I have read the conditions for the supply of their own personal use and agrees to comply with these conditions.(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Total hours renting the Harbor House


I the lessee understand that I am liable for any damaged goods to The Harbor House from the use of the fire pit / bbq from my own personal use during the event.(Required)
I the lessee understand that I am liable for any damaged goods to the fire pit / bbq from my own personal use during the event.(Required)
I the lessee understand that I am responsible for all parties involved with the operating and handling of the fire pit / bbq; and will act in sensible matter during the use; and comprehend that I the lessee will be held accountable for any actions brought up to question.(Required)